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Principle: Department of Conservation (DOC)
Contractor: Fulton Hogan, Greymouth (Seal Extensions)  Hunter Civil Ltd, Christchurch (Box Culvert)
Designer: GHD Ltd, Christchurch
Location: Fox Glacier
Product: Lograil Barrier
Date: June 2011

Fox Glacier is arguably one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in New Zealand, situated on the West Coast of the Southern Alps. Until recently it was accessed via a narrow unsealed road which was often dusty in the summer and muddy in the winter, making it unsafe and unpleasant for the 160,000 motorists visiting each year.

The 3km long road begins at SH6 just south of the Fox Township and runs eastward through 3km of native bush where the road traverses the Fox River bed and ends at the Fox Glacier car park.

 “With a number of loss-of-control and corner-cutting type accidents historically on the road and with visitor numbers continuing to grow, undertaking the seal extension improvements were necessary,” explains Tom Hopkins, Technical Support Officer for the Department of Conservation.

Objectives on this project included:

  • Maximising the efficiency of the access road
  • Removing dust nuisance and frost heave issues
  • Avoiding, remedying and mitigating any adverse environmental effects; and
  • Providing a safer road environment to meet current standards

“Included in this plan was the pre-requisite to use CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier to complement the surroundings. It was imperative that the road barrier be an integral part of the landscape in this popular tourist destination and we think that Lograil achieves this goal very well. It certainly suits the surroundings,” adds Tom.

“There was considerable work carried out on the surface of the road using our foamed bitumen stabilisation technology to ensure that due to the freeze and thaw conditions prevalent at the glacier the road would have an improved pavement life. This process also reduces the formation width and construction duration considerably, therefore lessening the impact on the environment,” said Stewart Glasson, Contracting Manager for Fulton Hogan. “We were able to prepare the road for seal using this new technology and install the Lograil in a much shorter timeframe than conventional systems.”

“Everything on the Fox access road went extremely well with the least impact to surroundings both in construction time and visually thanks to both Fulton Hogan with their foamed bitumen technology and the use of CSP Pacific’s Lograil barrier,” says Tom.
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