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    Light-weight VGAN 300 Aluminium Barrier adds class to Te Atatu overbridge

Light-weight VGAN 300 Aluminium Barrier adds class to Te Atatu overbridge

End of Line
Principle: New Zealand Transport Agency
Contractor: Fulton Hogan Northern Civil
Location: SH 16 Te Atatu Interchange
Product: VGAN 300 Aluminium Bridge Parapet System
Date: February 2016

As one of five projects currently underway that make up Auckland’s Western Ring Route, the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Te Atatu Interchange upgrade aims to increase capacity on Auckland’s Northwestern motorway (SH16), between Te Atatu and Lincoln Road. This is being achieved by raising the existing two Te Atatu Rd overbridges, and the existing pedestrian bridge to the West, upgrading on ramps and exits, widening a section of the motorway, and enhancing cycling and pedestrian facilities. CSP Pacific’s products have once again been chosen for the upgrade, with the stylish VGAN 300 Aluminium Bridge Parapet System being installed on the three existing bridges and the new pedestrian bridge built to the East of the road bridges.  

“One of the aims of this project, for Fulton Hogan and the NZ Transport Agency, is the integration of all three modes - cyclists, pedestrians and motorists - ensuring they can transition safely from one side of the motorway to the other,” said Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer Auckland/Northland for CSP Pacific. “The aesthetic appeal of the interchange also seems to have been a priority with a high standard set. We have already supplied new black streetlight columns for the cycleway and our sister company Humes supplied the cycleway underpasses and created patterns on the wing walls. Now the stylish VGAN 300 Aluminium Bridge Parapet System has been installed on the Te Atatu overbridges – the first installation in Auckland.”

Planning for any large upgrade of an existing intersection must include the management of traffic flows whilst carrying out the required work. Retaining the use of the existing Te Atatu overbridge has allowed Fulton Hogan to keep traffic moving across the motorway. But working with older structures has its limitations as in this case the old bridge structures would not have coped with the additional weight of the installation of concrete road safety barrier once they were completed. “It was decided quite early on that the lighter weight VGAN 300 Aluminium Parapet System would be used for the existing and new overbridges, because it is that much lighter than a standard concrete barrier and it does look great,” adds Bruce.

“The VGAN system was supplied to us in kit-set and has gone together very well,” says Hugo Jackson, Project Manager for Fulton Hogan Civil North. “It is quite easy to assemble. It visually looks good and it has much better sight lines for motorists than a concrete barrier.”

This project is a key part of the Western Ring Route which once complete, will provide an alternative to SH1, central Auckland and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.  With about a month left on site to complete the project, Hugo says he is pretty pleased with the way the project has come together.

Project features and benefits:

The SH 16 Te Atatu project is a Design and Construct project consisting of upgrading the existing three bridges, construction of a new pedestrian bridge, two underpasses and widening over 1.5 km of the existing motorway carriageway. The tender was submitted in July 2013 and the contract was awarded to Fulton Hogan.  The project includes widening the Northwestern motorway between the Lincoln Road and Causeway Projects, widening of all five ramps on the interchange, enhancing existing facilities for walkers and cyclists and widening and raising the Te Atatu Road overbridge.

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