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    A picturesque spot – perfect for CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier

A picturesque spot – perfect for CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier

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Customer: Bream Tail Farm
Contractor: Streetworx
Product: Lograil Barrier
Date: April 2016

Lograil Barrier

The patented Lograil system looks like a natural log fence when installed, making it perfect for aesthetically sensitive areas such as parks and lakes. Both the horizontal and vertical components are a composite of steel channel and timber, taking advantage of the impact absorbing quality of the timber and the tensile strength of the steel. The fully crash tested Lograil system has been installed on roads all over the world.

For more information about CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier click here.

Located approximately 90 minutes North of Auckland on the East Coast of Northland near Mangawhai is Bream Tail Farm, a 450-hectare coastal lifestyle development that offers 40 individual house sites complemented with shared use of a 1087 acre farm.  When the farm was first developed in 2005, CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier was used extensively throughout for the various roads leading to and from the individual sections due to its rustic, natural appeal - and its safety features.

One of the farm roads, which runs 100m above and parallel to the coastline, was not included in the initial road barrier installation. But as the farm became more populated and residents were using the road more for recreational purposes, the Bream Tail Residents Association (BTRA) decided the road must be made safe – before an accident occurred.

“Early on this section of road was only really used by farm vehicles,” explains Blair Stewart, Chairman of the BTRA. “We now have 12 homes on the farm, with more to come, and this has seen an increased number of people on quad bikes and other recreational vehicles using this road. It has quite a steep 100m drop down to the beach. The last thing we wanted was for people to get hurt.”

“Lograil really suits the natural, green environment of the farm and, to keep the continuity, we decided to carry on with the Lograil for the 400m section of that particular road,” he said.  

Blair contacted CSP Pacific and John from Streetworx, a barrier installation company, to quote on the supply and installation of the Lograil Barrier. 

“The installation went really well,” says John Walker, Managing Director of Streetworx. “We know CSP Pacific well so working with them isn’t a problem at all. It took about three days to get it all in. Some of my team stayed in Mangawhai for that time. They said they really enjoyed the amazing views while they worked.”

“We are happy with the result,” adds Blair “And even happier that we know our residents can now safely travel along that stretch of road.”

More about Bream Tail Farm:

  • Superb elevated house sites with views out to the Hen & Chickens Islands, Sail Rock and beyond
  • Shared access to roads, beaches, walking tracks and riding trails
  • Shared use of two tennis courts and entertainment pavilion
  • Shared ownership of 'The Beach Lodge' and swimming pool
  • Attractions include swimming, fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling and horse riding

For more information go to: Bream Tail Farm

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