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    Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion

Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion

End of Line
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End of Line

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End of Line

The Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion System is designed, tested and accepted to NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 testing conditions for hazard widths up to 2.6 metres and for capacities from TL-1  (50 kph) to over TL-3 (100 kph).


End of Line
  • Designed to stand alone or attach to permanent or portable concrete barrier
  • Steel elements are hot dip galvanised
  • Plastic components are formulated for long outdoor use
  • Hazard widths: 1000mm – 2440mm max
  • Three foundation options are available. The most common being a 28 Mpa non reinforced concrete slab, 200mm thick
  • Transitions to: concrete, w – beam, thrie-beam
  • Design speeds: 50kph – 100kph
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