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    Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Terminal End

Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Terminal End

End of Line
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End of Line
  • AS/NZS 3845 – Part 1 Product
  • MASH (2016) TL-3 tested by Holmes Solutions
  • Approved by Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP)
  • Accepted by Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agnecy) for use on the New Zealand state highway roading network


End of Line
  • Cable – 19mm 3 x 7 strand, pre-stretched by 35%
  • Transition Line Post footing piles are 300mm diameter x 750mm (0.05m3)
  • Length of Need is met at Transition Line Post 5 
  • Deflection Post and Transition Line Post 1 are spaced at 1.5m (LoN to the Deflection Post)
  • Transition Line Posts 2 - 5 are spaced at 3m (straight)
  • Transition Line Post 5 has no Half Ties installed
  • Tensioned to 25kN at 20°C (Tension may vary depending on air temperature at time of installation, see chart in Product and Installation Manual)
  • Max flare, 300mm over 10m of the terminal end (offset from tangent)
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanised (posts are all white powder coated)
  • Concrete is 25MPa
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