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    Armorwire Wire Rope Barrier Systems

Armorwire Wire Rope Barrier Systems

End of Line
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End of Line

Armorwire Terminal End


End of Line

Armorwire Wire Rope Barriers have been designed and tested to meet the evaluation cirteria of NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 and 4.

Test Level 4 - 4 Rope Armorwire only has been accepted by NZTA for use on New Zealand State Highways.

Technical Drawings

For technical drawings of Armorwire Wire Rope TL-3 - 3 and TL-4 -4 Wire Rope Barrier go to the Installation & Product Manual or the Technical Drawings section of the website.

Crash Test Results

Crash test deflection results - test barrier length 130m including terminal ends

Crash test

2000 kg pickup truck at 100kph at 25' angle

Post spacing



1.54 m

8000 kg truck at 80kph at 15' angle 3.0 1.1 m


End of Line
  • All posts are hot dip galvanised with a white powder coated finish to comply with AS 4506-2005. For more click here.
  • A ‘galvanised only’ option is available on request which can only be used on non-state highways.
  • Wire Rope - 19mm 3 x 7 strand, pre-stretched by 35%
  • Cable heights (to the centre) as per the technical drawings
  • Typical line post footing piles are 300 diameter x 750mm (0.05m3)
  • Length of need is met at Post 5 (where post 1 is the trigger post)
  • Posts 2 - 5 are spaced at 2m (LoN to the trigger post)
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