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    Armorwire® Terminal End

Armorwire® Terminal End

End of Line
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End of Line

Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier

Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Terminal End

Armorwire® Wire Rope Barrier Systems


End of Line

Accepted by NZ Transport Agency for use on New Zealand State Highways.


End of Line
  • Length of need is met at Post 5
  • Max flare, 300mm over 10m of the terminal end (offset from tangent)
  • Posts 2 - 5 are spaced at 2m (straight)
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanised
  • Wire Rope – 19mm 3 x 7 strand, pre-stretched by 35%
  • 3mm Polyethylene washers to eliminate corrosion adhesion between the steel components
  • 3 x Ground strut concrete piles are a min. of 450mm diameter x 2500mm deep.
  • 4 x Line post footings 300mm diameter x750mm
  • Concrete is 25mpa
  • Tension as required by the chart in product manual
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