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    X-TENuator™ – A temporary crash cushion solution

X-TENuator™ – A temporary crash cushion solution

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The X-TENuator™ is a fully re-directive, non-gating, sacrificial crash cushion for shielding fixed roadside hazards. As part of the X-TENsion family of road safety products the X-TENuator™ uses the same technology and similar components as the X-350 Guardrail End Terminal and provides low cost protection of rigid hazards. During head on impacts the system gradually decelerates an errant vehicle and is the perfect choice to protect the end of the concrete barrier, which is required to manage traffic flows during the upgrade.

While traditionally used as a permanent crash cushion it is also a great solution for a long term temporary concrete barrier end protection. The advantages of the X-TENuator™ over the more common temporary crash cushion options is that it is fully redirective against the non-redirective capabilities of water filled crash cushions. Although it is sacrificial, it is considerably cheaper than a repairable fully redirective crash cushion and is easy to un-bolt and move with the concrete barrier to where protection is required.

Features and benefits

  • Tested and approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3
  • Fully re-directive crash cushion
  • Low cost hazard protection
  • For protection of roadway hazards up 530mm in width
  • Sacrificial end protection
  • Can be anchored into a concrete pad or asphaltic concrete
  • Attaches directly to W-Beam barrier
  • Attaches to concrete barrier with a standard transition

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