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    Technical Talk: AS/NZS3845.1 2015 released

Technical Talk: AS/NZS3845.1 2015 released

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Part 1 of AS/NZS 3845 Road safety barrier systems and devices has been revised and is now available for purchase from Standards New Zealand. To view click here

Part 1 sets out the requirements for permanent and temporary safety barrier systems and includes:

  • Rigid Barriers
  • Semi-Rigid Barriers
  • Flexible Barriers
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Terminals
  • Crash Cushions
  • Interfaces
  • Longitudinal Barrier Gates

The standard includes:

  • Testing methods with MASH being the preferred
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Specification of road safety barrier systems including documentation required
  • Minimum site conditions
  • Maintenance and repairs

AS/NZS 3845 Part 2, covering Road safety devices such as truck and trailer mounted attenuators, truck underruns, bollards, sign and pole supports, is being revised and should be released by mid-2016.


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