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    Splice Construction – A valued partnership

Splice Construction – A valued partnership

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Liam Hutton – Operator and Bryan Shepherd – Operations Manager for Splice Construction

Graeme Rush from Splice Construction (a civil and road side construction company based in Hamilton) has worked with CSP Pacific for over eight years. He says he needs suppliers that will do more than just deliver the products required, he wants to work with partners who will work alongside him to problem solve and get the best outcome for everyone.

“I have known and worked with Graeme and his team for more than three years,” says Will Young, Sales Engineer – Central North Island for CSP Pacific. “He is a firm, fair and very loyal customer of ours. The business relationship we have with Graeme is extremely strong. Both companies work really well together.”

The quality of the work Graeme and his team produce is well documented. Fulton Hogan use an assessment rating for all installers with Graeme and his team performing to the highest level with a 10 out of 10 rating. 

Splice Construction also recently won the ‘Manufacturing Business of the Year’ award at the Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Awards for 2014. The award recognises ‘excellence in businesses that are involved in the process of manufacturing and/or construction, resulting in a finished good.’ “We obviously pride ourselves in what we produce and supply to our customers and it was nice to receive recognition for our efforts,” explains Graeme.

Graeme and his team work mostly in the North Island  - anywhere from Northland and Auckland to Wellington - and are the largest installers of wire rope barrier in the country. “We have worked quite closely with New Zealand Transport Agency to come up with a more efficient system for producing the foundations for wire rope systems and came up with a machine, which we have now patented, that produces neat, exact holes for wire rope foundations,” says Graeme. “We have nicknamed it the ‘hole in one’ machine. They like our new machine as the holes require exactly the same amount of concrete each time, avoiding wastage.”

Apart from the installation of large volumes of wire rope systems on a daily basis, Graeme says he is also installing large sections of Nu-Guard Barrier. “About five years ago we brought the first post installation machine into the North Island,” he says. “It’s busy every day installing Nu-Guard - which is a quick and easy system to install. We also install loads of X-350s. CSP Pacific has a very good range of products.

Working with CSP Pacific never seems to be much of a problem. Will and I have each other on speed dial as I would speak to him nearly every day.”



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