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    Office open day a success for the Christchurch team

Office open day a success for the Christchurch team

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The CSP Pacific Christchurch team from left to right: Spencer Cochrane, Bryony Bunting, Sue Austing (from Trench Shoring NZ) and Mario Bennett.

After the recent opening of the new premises for CSP Pacific in the South Island, the team decided it was time to hold an open day to meet customers and give them the opportunity to see the product range first hand..


“Being a new office we decided to open our doors to customers in the middle of October so we could help people understand what we do here, see the products, and just have a bit of fun,” said Mario Bennett, South Island Hire Manager for CSP Pacific.

Mario and the team arranged a tour of the premises for about 20 South Island customers. It included looking at the return processes, getting familiar with the people, getting familiar with the product range including having a play with the Variable Message Signs, stopping for food and drink, with a couple of games to finish the day.

“A spit roast always goes down well and for a bit of fun we had a few games on hand for those that wanted to participate,” explains Mario. “We had giant Jenga, Pick up Stix and a competition of guess how many mini road barriers were in the jar.  It was great fun and we got to know people a little better and they us, and it helped to show them what we do here. We were very happy with the turn out and the response to our open day.”


If you have any questions about the new location or services, please contact the CSP Pacific Christchurch team - they will be happy to help.

Unit B1
198 Springs Road
Christchurch 8041
Ph: 0800 655 200



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