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    Oclyte Tuff Coat™ - six years on

Oclyte Tuff Coat™ - six years on

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Oclyte Tuff Coat™
Oclyte Tuff Coat™
Oclyte Tuff Coat™

Six years on from its launch Oclyte Tuff Coat™ – CSP Pacific’s answer to extending the life of utility poles and steel structures – is in use across the country by asset owners to protect the in ground sections of galvanised steel columns from corrosion and deterioration.

With Oclyte Tuff Coat™ meeting and usually exceeding the in-ground coating specifications by asset owners, all CSP Pacific columns are now coated in Oclyte Tuff Coat™  - anything from a 500mm strip at ground level to full in ground protection.

“We do not supply anything else now as Oclyte Tuff Coat™ has been accepted as better protection and is preferred over the old epoxy strip,” says Sue Walker, Technical Support Manager for CSP Pacific.  “All asset owners agree that Oclyte Tuff Coat™ is certainly beneficial in the protection of their columns and structures. In addition CSP Pacific provide a 20 year system warranty giving asset owners surety about the performance of the coating”.

Oclyte Tuff Coat™ is a 100% solids, high build polyurethane elastomer coating specifically engineered to add corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance to galvanised poles and other structures, especially at and below ground level.

This high-performance, two-component spray product is field proven world wide for extending the service life of utility poles and other steel structures beyond the life expectancy of conventional galvanising.

Note: CSP Pacific is no longer offering Oclyte Tuff Coat™ as a product.


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