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    New positions for two well-known faces

New positions for two well-known faces

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CSP Pacific’s newly appointed Engineering and Technical Support Manager

Voytek Wieczorek

In May Voytek Wieczorek, a Chartered Professional Engineer since 2004, started with CSP Pacific in the newly created role of Engineering and Technical Support Manager. Voytek has worked with CSP Pacific for many years as a design engineer and joined the team to continue similar work for the business - from the other side of the fence.

 “Having Voytek join the team is a real bonus for us,” explains Gemma Collins, Business Manager for CSP Pacific. “The new position of Engineering and Technical Support Manager was established so we can offer a design service in house – providing much more flexibility and availability of knowledge for our customers.”

“I have been working in the structural consulting field in New Zealand for about 23 years and have worked for CSP Pacific in a consulting capacity since around 2003 – mainly around utility pole design and certification,” says Voytek.  “So I am familiar with the business, the staff and certainly the product range.”

“I am really enjoying this new challenge and looking forward to making a contribution to CSP Pacific and introducing myself to customers to let them know I am here to help and support them with their projects and enquiries. I have some projects of my own that I want to progress – in particular the re-development of our Multiplate Structures range. I don't think people realise how versatile, cost effective and efficient these systems are so my aim is to make people more aware. I am also working on establishing a knowledge base for all our road safety products. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help or advice.”

For contact information for Voytek click here.


From Production Planner to Operations Manager

Maria Magele-Welch

At the beginning of July Maria Magele-Welch will officially start in her new role as Operations Manager for CSP Pacific. Maria is not new to CSP Pacific - in fact she has been with the company for 17 years.

 “I first started with CSP Pacific as a temp in Customer Services and after a few months I was offered a full time position,” says Maria.

After six years in customer service, with two of those years as Team Leader, Maria moved into the position of Production Planner in 2007.

“When the Operations Manager role came free earlier this year I was given a bit of a nudge from a manager to put my name forward and I am really glad I did,” says Maria.

“I am delighted that Maria has accepted the role as Operations Manager,” says Gemma. “ She knows our business inside and out and has fantastic organisational and supply chain management skills. It really is a good news story for Maria and for CSP Pacific.”

“I am excited and looking forward to taking on the challenge of the new role,” adds Maria. “I am looking forward to also getting our next Production Planner up to speed.”

For contact information for Maria click here.


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