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    NEW MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System

NEW MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System

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CSP® is very pleased to introduce the NEW MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System to our range of hire products.

“We had been asked by our customers to source a water filled hire barrier with a smaller deflection and that's what we’ve done,” explains David Russell, Business Development Manager - Hire for CSP®.  “Workzones on New Zealand’s roadways can often be quite narrow and customers wanted a system with a much smaller deflection when impacted by a vehicle. The new MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System has a deflection of only 3.6m – over 2m less than other water filled barriers. This means workzones, particularly in narrow, hard to get to locations can operate more safely with this system and it allows contractors that much more room to work.”

The barrier and the impact sled are supplied as a system and are both MASH tested to TL-1 and TL-2.

The CSP® Hire range covers all requirements for workzones from TL-1 to T-4. 

For more information on the new MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System click here or call or email our team for assistance.

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