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    Lograil Barrier – it’s safe, looks good and is now more affordable

Lograil Barrier – it’s safe, looks good and is now more affordable

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To enhance the beautiful scenery New Zealand is famous throughout the world for, CSP Pacific’s Lograil Road Safety Barrier - which looks like a natural log fence when installed - is designed to blend into the environment. And now, with more competitive component pricing, the Lograil system is more affordable than ever. 

The French-developed and patented Lograil system is perfect for aesthetically sensitive areas such as parks, subdivisions and lakes. It has been installed all over New Zealand including Fox Glacier, Northland, and Christchurch.

Both the horizontal and vertical components are a composite of steel channel and timber, taking advantage of the impact absorbing quality of the timber and the tensile strength of the steel.
Lograil is fully crash tested to European Standard EN1317 Level N2. This crash test is comparable to NCHRP350 TL-2 and the system can be used on roads with a posted speed limit of up to 70 kph.

Crash Test Results – European Standards EN1317 N2

Containment level Crash tests Criteria Kinetic
Test Speed of
of impact
Total weight
of vehicle
N2 TB32 110 kph 20° 1500 kg 81.9 KJ
N2 TB11 100 kph 20° 900 kg 40.6 KJ


Performance – Working width

Model Working width Severity class
T22 4M Post spacing 1.90 m A (ASI ≤ 1.0)



For more information on CSP Pacific’s Lograil Barrier click here.

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