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    Keeping up with the play

Keeping up with the play

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...Intertraffic – Amsterdam

“Attendance at this huge event in March – an important part in my induction into the industry - was an eye opener for me,” says Gemma.  “Not only is it the world’s leading trade event for the traffic and mobility industry, it’s been running since 1972!  I learnt so much about the industry and, despite being a worldwide forum, discovered everyone is fairly well connected and I was able to meet many of our international partners whilst there.”

The 800 exhibitors from 45 countries offered a comprehensive overview of the latest industry trends and developments, so Gemma says there was a lot to take in and it certainly exposed her to further ideas to deliver CSP Pacific’s vision of Keeping New Zealanders SAFE.

Points of note were:

  • Smart mobility is huge – there was a lot of product information and initiative examples available on smart roads and smart infrastructure. There were a number of examples in Europe, where ‘smart collectives’ are being formed along the complete chain from car developer, road designer, road constructors, traffic operators and IT specialists
  • Smart Parking Technology – there were two complete halls dedicated to parking technology
  • MASH products – there are many new compliant products entering the market


Whilst in the UK Gemma also visited Lantra – the training organisation chosen by Australasian roading authorities to develop an accredited training programme for road safety barrier work (CSP Pacific are represented on the Australasian Steering Committee). “It was helpful to learn firsthand what the UK accreditation programme currently looks like, and to ensure that CSP Pacific are prepared,” she says.

If you’re keen to know more about Intertraffic or the accredited training programme, feel free to contact Gemma.


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