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    CSP® Introduces Connected Kerb to NZ at eworld expo

CSP® Introduces Connected Kerb to NZ at eworld expo

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At the recent eworld expo held at the Trusts Arena in Henderson Auckland, CSP® introduced the Connected Kerb electric vehicle (EV) charging system from the UK, to the NZ market. The exhibition is a trade and public exhibition covering a wide range of electric vehicles from scooters through to coaches, along with supporting systems needed to enable New Zealand to reach its goals over the next 10 years.

“This was an amazing opportunity for CSP® to be seen in a sector the company has not previously been involved in,” says Neil Watson, Head of CSP®.  “There are some well known names in the market already, but we have a slightly different take on where EV charging systems sit. We have partnered with Connected Kerb from the UK which has an infrastructure focussed approach to the market, as opposed to individual pins on the map to indicate where the large, ugly steel boxes are installed above ground!”

The beauty of the Connected Kerb system is that the infrastructure can be installed ahead of demand at the most cost effective time for businesses or developers i.e. when the pavement is being dug up for other services, or as it is being created. The non-intrusive, aesthetically pleasing charging heads can then be installed later, as demand increases. Typically one installation can have 10 charging points which can be activated individually or all at once.

“We had some very insightful conversations with urban designers at the conference all of whom agree that the design of the Connected Kerb system was sympathetic to the urban environment and is fairly unique in New Zealand,” adds Neil. “The fact that the charging units are manufactured from recycled tyres, to create a protective layer to protect them from both vandalism and the elements, was also seen as a very positive feature.” 

To future proof your business or development for a changing world, talk to us today about the forward thinking Connected Kerb EV charging system on 0800 655 200 or

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