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    ChekRite App – inspection and checklist management made easy

ChekRite App – inspection and checklist management made easy

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CSP Pacific is proud to announce an alignment with ChekRite - a tablet-based App - for managing inspections and checklists.

“The system allows installers to check quality requirements via CSP Pacific’s checklists and to upload photographs that we will store in the cloud,” says Gemma Collins, New Zealand Manager for CSP Pacific.

What is ChekRite?

ChekRite is a flexible, easy-to-use tablet based alternative to traditional paper-based clipboard-type checklists.

It ensures that all inspection and maintenance requirements are met for any type of process. Infinitely customisable, ChekRite is designed to ensure compliance and consistency – and significantly reduce the time and cost required for inspections.

ChekRite incorporates a ‘failsafe’ system, ensuring that personnel carrying out inspections complete all required steps in the right order.

All data captured can be quickly and easily integrated, eliminating the need for manual entry and is immediately uploaded to a secure cloud-based server, eliminating the need for paper documentation. Data can be retrieved at any time.

“Basically we want to use ChekRite to improve the quality of road safety products and their installation,” explains Gemma. “We will be able to provide the installer with feedback on the installation and historic records, along with data analysis so they can monitor their performance.”

If you are interested in registering for this complimentary app, to assist you when installing CSP Pacific’s products, please contact Nicky Young.


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