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A message from Gemma:

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Firstly I want to welcome Voytek Wieczorek to the team. With his engineering skills and design capabilities now under our roof it means far more flexibility around timing for project deadlines and enables us to provide even greater support to our customers. 

Also congratulations to Maria Magele-Welch for her appointment to the position of Operations Manager after her many years of hard work and loyalty to CSP Pacific. We are very fortunate to have had someone of her skill level within our ranks and to have been able to appoint her to the role – it was a no brainer for me. 

Road safety awareness and education

I recently participated in the inaugural ‘Lantra’ Australasian Steering Committee meeting, in Australia. As mentioned in the last edition of Road Rave, Lantra is a UK based training organisation chosen by Australasian roading authorities to develop an accredited training programme for the design, installation and maintenance of road safety barrier systems. Although the training scheme is still being finalised, I thought it opportune to mention that it is anticipated that new training requirements for road installers, designers and maintainers, are likely to be launched in early 2019. Lantra schemes across the world ensure the highest quality training and maintenance of standards throughout many industries, including ours.

A presentation on ‘Lantra in Australia and New Zealand’ – who they are and what they do is available here.

Road Safety Awareness has been a hot topic this year with the ever increasing road toll. In May (7-13th) Road Safety Awareness week took place, focusing on the themes of ‘wearing seatbelts’ and ‘distractions.’  Unfortunately our barriers are the last line of defence in keeping people safe. Driver awareness must continue to be the first and most important focus for our industry.

Looking ahead

I mentioned in the last issue of Road Rave how we see CSP Pacific’s role in our industry and our vision of ‘Keeping New Zealanders SAFE’ through our existing product range and our plans moving forward.

  • We’re unique in that we manufacture locally and we’re involved in projects right from the beginning – often through pre-tender consultation with designers to assist with technical solutions and specifications.
  • We’re also involved from the very early stages of construction through the provision of road safety hire products through to the eventual installation of permanent barrier and lighting solutions.
  • What we’re known for is NZ-made quality product, technical expertise, fast production and strong partnerships – both locally and internationally.

Until next time …


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