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    6 reasons to choose the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope system from CSP®

6 reasons to choose the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope system from CSP®

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The Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System from CSP®, launched in July this year, is the only approved MASH TL-4 wire rope system available in New Zealand. 

“We are very proud of the new system which we developed and tested here in New Zealand,” says Neil Watson, Head of CSP®. “It has major advantages over some other systems currently on the market.”

Some notable advantages of the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System:

  • The Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System is approved to MASH TL-3 and TL-4 (other systems are approved to TL-3)
  • The standard linepost concrete footing of the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope system is 300mm dia x 750mm deep vs 300mm dia x 900mm on some other systems - meaning less concrete required for each footing 
  • The concrete block required for the Sentryline-M® Terminal End need only be 2.3m vs 3m – again a considerable cost saving 
  • The Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System has the option of being supported by either mass concrete blocks or drilled reinforced concrete piles – giving installers far more flexibility for more difficult site installations
  • Cables can be installed in any order on the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System vs complicated interwoven cable arrangements on other systems 
  • Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System standard line post assembly consists of only eight parts - less than some other systems. 

“The Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System is aesthetically pleasing and we know it’s easier to install and offers considerable advantages over other systems,” says Neil. “Please call our team if you have any queries regarding the Sentryline-M® Wire Rope System. We will be happy to help.”

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