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Multi-plate Structures

Multi-plate Structures

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Corrugated aluminium and steel plate culverts have been used around the world from 60 years, in the case of Aluminium structures, to over 100 years for Steel Multi-plate, and are a proven option for many civil infrastructure applications. 

Steel Multi-plate from CSP® is a cost-efficient culvert offering up to a 50 year design life in low corrosion environments in New Zealand. For more demanding applications CSP® also offer products with extended service life - Aluminium Multi-plate (75 years) and Multi-plate 100+ (100 years). Steel Multi-plate culverts can span up to 8m (depending on the loading and backfill). SuperCor® is the ideal solution for large spans exceeding 8m.

For more information on the durability, performance and methods for predicting the service life of Multi-plate structures from CSP® contact us today.

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