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A brand new face for CSP Pacific’s website – ‘Keeping NZ Safe’

A brand new face for CSP Pacific’s website

Showcasing CSP Pacific’s full range of products, in support of our vision of ‘Keeping NZ Safe’ and providing all relevant technical support material in an easy to use format, CSP Pacific’s new website is now live!

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Concrete vs Wire Rope Safety Barrier – what’s more effective?

Concrete vs Wire Rope Safety Barrier

Flexible wire rope road safety barrier systems (also known as WRSB) are being increasingly specified in median and side of road installations across the country by the NZ Transport Agency and Councils as evidence continues to prove they are more forgiving on the human body, in both car and motorcyclist incidents, than any other type of barrier ... and rate above concrete barrier in many scenarios.

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NOW available – updated Barrier Field Manual

CSP Pacific’s latest Barrier Field Manual is now available online and in print. The updated version includes the latest drawings from CSP Pacific and the NZ Transport Agency. Information has also been included to assist in the design and installation of both proprietary and public domain barrier systems.

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ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barriers out in force for Baypark to Bayfair upgrade

With Tauranga claiming the title as the top-performing city in New Zealand in 2017 for growth, the need for efficient and safe roads to transport the city’s expanding population and industry has become evident, with NZ Transport Agency’s Baypark to Bayfair Link aiming to do just that.

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Baypark to Bayfair upgrade

Update from Gemma ...

New online and printed resources now available;
CSP Pacific’s Christmas hours;
Lantra’s progress; and
An industry briefing from NZ Transport Agency.


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Lantra programme gains momentum

Lantra - the training organisation chosen by Australasian roading authorities to develop a training accreditation programme for personnel involved in road safety barrier installations - met again this month to continue with their work in ensuring people working in the industry are fully trained to do so.

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Industry update : Bolt down change for NZ Transport Agency transition  - RSB-5

In September 2018 NZ Transport Agency advised a complete review of all public domain standards was being undertaken for road safety hardware including RSB-5 details which show ‘five’ M24 bolts to connect the Thrie-Beam Structure Connector Plate to the cast in bracket. Traditionally bolts supplied have been GR 4.6 Engineers bolts.

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CSP Pacific Christmas hours

Please consider the following when planning December, January and early February orders and delivery schedules.

Location Service Closes Reopens
Christchurch All Fri 21 Dec 2018 Midday Mon 14 Jan 2019
Auckland Hire Fri 21 Dec 2018 Midday Mon 7 Jan 2019
Please note Auckland Hire will be on call during the holiday period, except for public holidays.
Manufacturing Wed 19 Dec 2018 Mon 14 Jan 2019
Customer Services Fri 21 Dec 2018 Midday Mon 14 Jan 2019
Despatch Wed 19 Dec 2018 Mon 14 Jan 2019
Please note a skeleton staff will be in operation only from the 7th January 2019.

Galvanizing services for new orders and specialist products will be available from Monday 14 Jan 2019. Remember to plan ahead if you require products early in the New Year.

For help with your Christmas orders call customer services on 0800 655 200.