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Multiplate Culverts – CPD Seminars

CSP Pacific is now offering engineers (bridge, design, roading, civil and hydraulic) the opportunity to attend a free seminar (we’ll travel to you and present at your premises) demonstrating the features and benefits of CSP Pacific’s range of Multiplate Culverts – a range that incudes various shapes, sizes and spans of up to 20m. Seminars will be presented by Voytek Wieczorek CPEng, Engineering and Technical Support Manager for CSP Pacific - a speaker at the 2018 Bridge Conference.

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CPD Seminars

Why choose a Multiplate culvert?

Quick and easy to install with proven durability, Multiplate structures consist of field bolted galvanised steel or aluminium plates that have a long history of strength, longevity and economy. Their traditional uses include culverts - small and large, bridges, storm drains and pedestrian or stock underpasses. However other applications include mine and tunnel portal protection, conveyor housings, water tanks, caissons, underground storage facilities and even wineries.

Be more informed when specifying your next culvert.

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Multiplate Culvert

Much more than just a road barrier - Nu-Guard® PVB® - pedestrian protection as well

You may not be aware that CSP Pacific’s versatile Nu-Guard® PVB® has dual functionality as both a pedestrian and vehicle barrier. Derived from the proven highway guardrail system Nu-Guard® 31, this barrier system provides protection for all road users for local authority roads where the posted speed limit is below 70kph – and it doubles as protection for pedestrians as well.

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PVB - pedestrian protection

ChekRite App – inspection and checklist management made easy

CSP Pacific is proud to announce that we have aligned ourselves with ChekRite - a tablet-based App - for managing inspections and checklists.

The system allows installers to check quality requirements via CSP Pacific’s checklists and to upload photographs that will be stored in the cloud by CSP Pacific.

To find out how ChekRite works and can benefit your business ...

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ChekRite App

An orange cone just isn’t enough ...

Traffic cones - also called pylons, witches' hats, road cones, or highway cones - are cone-shaped markers placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner – so says Wikipedia. But do they redirect traffic in a safe manner?

Don’t put your people or equipment at risk by relying on orange cones. Talk to us about our range of temporary barriers which are tested and approved for speeds up to 100kph – when installed correctly.

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Traffic cones

Update from Gemma ...

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