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    NEW - VGAN Aluminium Parapet installed in a New Zealand first

NEW - VGAN Aluminium Parapet installed in a New Zealand first

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Principle: New Zealand Transport Agency
Customer: Wellington City Council
Customer: Fletcher Construction/ Brian Perry Civil
Location: Johnsonville
Product: VGAN Aluminium Bridge Parapet System
Date: August 2015

In a New Zealand first, CSP Pacific’s VGAN Aluminum Bridge Parapet System has been chosen for use on a new railway bridge on Broderick Road in Johnsonville.  The VGAN was chosen, not just because it is a fully compliant TL-4 system, bu also because of its good looks!

The new overbridge is part of a joint Wellington City Council and NZ Transport Agency project to unlock the Johnsonville Triangle town centre and improve traffic movement through the area. The longer and wider bridge creates greater capacity on these roads, which is welcome news for Johnsonville residents and businesses that have long complained about congestion.

Part one of the project was to widen the north bound off ramp off SH1 leading to Johnsonville. David Philipson, Senior Project Engineer for Brian Perry Civil - the main contractor appointed to the project - explains. “The first stage of easing congestion through the Johnsonville Triangle, as it is called here, was to widen the off ramp. This included new safety barrier and an X-350 Terminal End which CSP Pacific helped with. CSP Pacific were great as they helped with value engineering changes to the barrier design which allowed the use of a W section barrier instead of concrete. These design changes meant a large cost saving for the customer which they were very happy about.”

Part two of the project was to then widen the overbridge to cater to the higher volume of traffic using it at any point in time, also future proofing it for the eventuation of a second rail line.

“When the architect first looked at available TL-4 barrier systems for use on the new, wider overbridge they considered a standard TL-4 W beam barrier but discounted it as an option as he wanted something that was more aesthetically pleasing given this whole project was also a beatification project,” says David.

“When we were first contacted about the VGAN system it was a good opportunity to showcase it as this is the first such system ever to be installed in New Zealand,” says Jeremy Mallendar, Sales Engineer for CSP Pacific. “It is also the first system to be installed with horizontal and vertical curves. We worked closely with VGAN in the UK and Dave and his team from Brian Perry Civil to get the system supplied and assist with installation.”

“Now the barrier is up it looks amazing,” adds David. “Being a first installation in New Zealand this needed very good collaboration between CSP Pacific and ourselves as it was quite involved from an engineering perspective. We have worked with CSP Pacific and Jeremy for years on a variety of projects. They always bring knowledge and support to the project. This is another example of the great working relationship we have with them. The customer is very happy and we can say it’s another success story.”
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