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Water-Wall™ TL-1 Plastic Water Filled Barrier

The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations, from protecting the public surrounding a construction site to work-zone safety on 50kph and below roads. The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier connects directly to the SLED end treatemnt which negates the need to shield or flare the end of the barrier. The Water-Wall™ Barrier is an economic and easy to install crash barrier system.

The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier is also available for hire. This is an ideal temporary road barrier solution that meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 1 crash test criteria. See our Hire section for more information, click here.



  Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-1
  Available for hire or purchase
  Durable Polyethylene plastic
  Double wall knuckle design prevents breakage at hinge points
  Hinge design allows for 30° pivoting at joins
  200mm fill hole with plastic cap
  Temporary Plastic Water-filled Barrier
  Plastic water release cap at bottom
  Suitable for impact speeds up to 50 kph
  Fork lift slots for easy movement
  Includes steel connecting pin allowing sections to be locked together
  SLED End Treatment can be used to avoid having shield or flare the end of the barrier



  NCHRP 350 Test Level 1 (TL-1)
  Speed: 50kph or below
  Height: 822mm
  Width: 460mm at base
  Effective length: 1854mm pin to pin
  Overall Length: 1960mm
  Empty Weight: 35kg
  FIlled Weight: 500kg
  Fill Capacity: 465 litres


FHWA Letter of Acceptance 

NZTA Letter of Acceptance



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