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Oclyte Tuff Coat®

Oclyte Tuff Coat® is a 100% solids, high build polyurethane elastomer coating specifically engineered to add corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance to galvanised poles and other structures, especially at and below ground level.

This high-performance, two-component spray product is field proven world wide for extending the service life of utility poles and other steel structures beyond the life expectancy of conventional galvanising.


  Direct to metal application - no primer required with application to mechanically prepared (profile shaping) galvanised or steel substrates
  Green technology - 100% solids technology, contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds - e.g. paint solvent), styrene or coal tar
  Single coat - is applied in a single coat with a multi-pass application to create the required film builds and is five times thicker than the currently used paint system
  Superior scratch and impact resistant - due to an extremely durable polymer membrane, damage is highly unlikely during handling and/or installation
  Chemical resistance - provides exceptional chemical resistance to a wide range of aggressive soils, salts and other chemicals
  Fast cure - 10 minutes to handle
  CSP Pacific offers a 20 year system warranty


NB - Sections of the coated structure exposed to UV may chalk, this is where the surface of the coating becomes powdery. This will not compromise the performance of the product. However we recommend that poles not be stored in direct sunlight for longer than twelve months prior to installation.


Performance testing:

This product has been thoroughly performance tested for:

  Corrosion resistance
  Scratch resistance
  Chemical resistance
  Cathodic disbondment
  Salt spray resistance


In addition CSP Pacific has undertaken comparative ‘accelerated corrosion testing’ between the various coating systems available on the market and the currently used system. Click here (PDF 407KB) for Comparative accelerated test results.

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