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Biker-Mate - Motorcyclist Post & Pole cushion

Biker-Mate is a crash cushion designed to protect motorcyclists from post and pole type roadside hazards.

Manufactured from polypropylene, Biker-Mate reduces the intensity of the body’s initial impact energy by up to 68%*.  Independent testing and analysis shows that the Biker-Mate smooths the speed at which the motorcyclist’s body slows down, thus reducing injury. In addition tests show that Biker-Mate changes the direction of the impact, diverting energy generated upon collision.


  Low cost retrofit safety improvement
  Reduces impact force generated when impacted by motorcyclists
  Deigned to fit most common post types
  Quick and easy to install
  Secure connection with minimal impact on the performance of the post


  Modular, stackable system
  Manufactured from polypropylene
  Height – 420mm, depth – 160mm
  Low weight: only 2kg nominal
  Designed to enable easy access to post/column electrical access doors
  *Independent testing and analysis shows a 60-68% absorption capacity of a motorcyclist’s impact energy

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