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Oclyte Tuff Coat™ required for a tough location
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Principal: Masterton District Council
Contractor: LineTech Electrical Services Ltd
Location: Castlepoint, Wairarapa
Product: Oclyte Tuff Coat™

Castlepoint is renown for many things. Its beautiful, rugged coastline with picturesque light house (a feature since 1913), the annual Castlepoint Beach horse races (dating back to 1872) and, at times, some pretty rough weather.

When high winds brought down a lighting column along Jetty Road in Castlepoint just prior to Christmas the Masterton Council decided to investigate.

“The lighting columns along Jetty road are very exposed to the elements as they are just metres from the ocean,” said Stephen Williams, Urban Roading Engineer for Masterton Council. “The rusting at the base of the column was quite extensive, which was the reason the column failed.”

“After inspection it was discovered that 12 columns in total needed replacing,” adds Stephen. “CSP Pacific had introduced Oclyte Tuff Coat™ to the council in the past and it was decided that, due to the location and the harsh marine environment, we would also apply the coating to the bases of the new columns and take advantage of CSP Pacific’s 20 year warranty.”

“We didn’t have a lot of time to get the new columns ordered, coated and installed in time for the holiday period,” says Steve Norman Director for LineTech Electrical Services Ltd. “CSP Pacific did well in getting the columns coated and delivered to us in time for installation - which we completed prior to the busy season. Corrosion is a common problem along this coastline. The Oclyte Tuff Coat™ should extend the life of the columns considerably.”


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