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“Oclyte Tuff Coat™ gives us the longevity we are looking for”
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Council: Hutt City Council
Contractor: RLA Maintenance
Location: Marine Parade, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt
Product: Oclyte™ Streetlight columns and Oclyte Tuff Coat™

Marine Parade - leading into Eastbourne in Lower Hutt - has recently seen the upgrade of three of its streetlight columns to CSP Pacific’s Oclyte™ Streetlight columns with Oclyte Tuff Coat™ coating on the bases to help deal with harsh local conditions.

“The environment along Marine Parade is an extremely harsh one,” explains Jeremy Mallender, Area Sales Manager, Lower North Island for CSP Pacific. “Parts of the area are right on the edge of the Wellington harbour and at times, in bad weather, the sea splashes over the road.


Due to the wind, the columns require abrasion protection at the base - which Oclyte Tuff Coat™ provides.
The northerlies and southerlies that blow through there can be particularly fierce creating an aggressive environment for homes and, in this case, the lighting columns. They are continually being battered by wind and salt spray, causing them to deteriorate. The original columns were installed with asphalt at the base which meant the salt spray would run down the column and the water would be absorbed by the asphalt leaving a nice reservoir of salt at the base of each of the columns.”

“All columns deteriorate in the same place - the first 300mm in the ground,” said Nigel Parkin, Contracts Officer, Road and Traffic for Hutt City Council. “Jeremy called in to see me just at the right time as some of the columns along Marine Parade were in desperate need of replacing. Jeremy showed me a sample of Oclyte Tuff Coat™ on steel and supplied me with all the specifications on the product and I have to say I was really impressed. It’s not a paint coating so it won’t deteriorate like paint.”

Nigel explained that all the streetlight columns along Marine Parade not only needed to be able to cope with the salt spray but also with the buffeting and sand blasting they receive from the legendary Wellington wind. With the movement of the columns, due to the wind, they also require abrasion protection at the base - which Oclyte Tuff Coat™ provides.

“We decided to coat the whole base of the in-ground section and a small section above ground with Oclyte Tuff Coat™,” added Nigel. “Of course there is an additional cost to using Oclyte Tuff Coat™ but it is good value in my book. These columns should last at least 10 years, especially with CSP Pacific’s 20-year system warranty on the coating. To me it’s the best value for money and will give the columns the longevity we are looking for. I won’t be around when they go that’s for sure.”

Nigel says that Hutt City Council have just started the upgrade of columns in this location and will be replacing them using Oclyte Tuff Coat™ treated columns to give them an extended life span.


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