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Telecom combines street lighting and telecommunications in CSP Pacific’s columns
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Customer: Telecom/Alcatel Lucent
Designer: CSP Pacific
Product: Telecommunications columns

The columns are some of the first to have been coated and installed with the revolutionary Oclyte Tuff Coat™
Telecom/Alcatel Lucent recently commissioned CSP Pacific to design and manufacture the latest version of their telecommunications / streetlight (Telco) column for their utility network.

"When the opportunity arose to prove our capabilities on this project we jumped at the chance," said Katalin Csikasz, Engineering & Pole Product Manager for CSP Pacific. "These columns are very specialised. They incorporate a communication headframe which supports the antennas, while the column still functions as a streetlight column."

With CSP Pacific known as a specialist in the 'Telco' market and having completed contracts for Vodafone and Telstra Clear in the past, it was a collective, unanimous decision between several of the project leaders at Telecom / Alcatel Lucent to retain CSP Pacific's services for this contract.

"CSP Pacific have a very good name in the industry, especially in the 'Telco' space", says Dean Mittens, Deployment Engineer, Alcatel Lucent. "In terms of getting things across the line and the quality and design of the columns, they have been great. They are a very good company."

"The main factor for me in dealing with CSP Pacific is not only that they have a very good design and product, but their customer service is really great," says John Griffin, Deployment Team Manager Telecom/Alcatel Lucent. "These projects can be difficult in terms of changing deadlines and other factors that can throw the project behind time, but CSP Pacific managed this very well."

"We are very pleased that Telecom / Alcatel Lucent are happy with our columns and service," added Katalin. "We look forward to working with them in the future."

The columns are some of the first to have been coated and installed with the revolutionary Oclyte Tuff Coat™ system at and below ground level. This high-performance, two-component spray product will extend the service life of the 'Telco' columns, protecting the steel from deteriorating for many years to come.

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