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Road Rail Separation Structure
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Designer: Connell Wagner, Blenheim
Contractor: Fulton Hogan, Blenheim
Product: Steel Multiplate

"We received 6 containers of product - a total of more than 300 plates weighing around 90 tonnes and 18,000 bolts. It was all well marked and there were no components missing - it went together like a big jigsaw - without any hitches whatsoever. CSP's delivery of the product and our team of guys with the right skills and equipment enabled us to cut 5 days out of our construction timetable."

Harold Norden, Contracting Manager, Fulton Hogan - Blenheim

The Utawai Team (Left to Right)
Bevan Boon (FHL), Peter Moran (FHL), Colin Carrick (FHL), Andrew Adams (Marlborough Rds), Gareth Davie (FHL), Peter Gibson (Connell Wagner), Grahame Haines (FHL), Ken Crampton (Tranzrail), Harold Norden (FHL)
This aerial photograph shows the old road passing over the bridge and the new rail tunnel being constructed.
The Project 

A very tight timeframe and a number of changes to the specification for this project did not hinder its delivery - in full, on time and to specification. The rail tunnel, designed by Connell Wagner and installed by Fulton Hogan of Blenheim, is replacing a road bridge running perpendicularly over the railway and allowing a realignment of the road that had become an accident 'black spot'. (Refer to aerial photo for original structure.) The structure once installed was filled over, creating a rail tunnel and a smoother road overhead with a more relaxed horizontal curvature. 
The finished product is a 39A9.12 SuperSpan High Profile Arch, manufactured in 7mm plate with 15 bolts per metre. It is approximately 60 metres long with a 2 degree bevel in the structure to allow for rail track curvature. The structure has a maximum span of 10.17m and a maximum rise of 6.18 metres.
The end treatments are square, non-skewed, with no bevels. Fulton Hogan used a reinforced earth solution for retaining the end fills. 

Speedy Installation 

Fulton Hogan allowed 28 days in their construction program to install the structure. The fully compliant structure delivered by CSP Pacific fitted together easily, enabling installation in just 23 days. 

A Different Approach 

CSP Pacific took a different approach to the elbow of the structure on this project which was required to cater for the horizontal curvature of the rail track. 

Typically, elbow plates are welded to span the angle in the structure - a time consuming and expensive process. On this project, two independent structures with beveled ends at the elbow joint were installed, and fabricated cover plates placed over the gap at the elbow on the outside of the structure. The cover plates fitted perfectly to pull the two structures together nicely. In addition they had a significant impact on reducing the time spent installing. 


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