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Technical Note - Nu-Guard 31™ installation in hard surfaces
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To ensure that installations of the Nu-Guard 31™ system on hard surfaces, such as concrete footpaths or thick layers of asphalt, are correct, CSP Pacific has produced a technical note detailing installation procedures. Incorrect installation of Nu-Guard 31™ on hard surfaces with no flexibility can result in the Nu-Guard 31™ post snapping in a vehicle impact rather than yielding at ground level as designed.

The installation of Nu-Guard 31™ in a hard surface requires a 300 x 300mm hole around each Nu-Guard 31™ post, in a side of road installation, which is be filled with a 150mm thick grout mixture (low strength concrete) or 75mm thick topping asphalt.

To view technical note, click here.

A recent vehicle impact on a Nu-Guard 31™ installation on Waikite Road in Tauranga  shows that the system, when correctly installed in a concrete footpath, will allow the posts to perform as designed and yield at ground level in the clear area around the post. As a result the vehicle was safely redirected away from the hazard.

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