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Installation height of NuGuard 31™
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With a smaller footprint, lighter weight and no requirement for a blockout, Nu-Guard 31™ steel post guardrail system is comparable in cost to wooden post systems and is simpler and quicker to install.

It is important to note however that Nu-Guard 31™ must be installed at 635mm to centre of the rail. In comparison non-proprietary guardrail systems such as TL-3 Strong Post Timber are installed at 550mm to centre of rail.

NuGuard 31™ has been crash tested and accepted by NZTA for both TL-3 (NCHRP350 and MASH) and TL-4 (NCHRP350)at an installation height of 635mm to the centre of the rail. Please note that NuGuard 31™ is available only in one version which applies to installations of both TL-3 and TL-4.

If a NuGuard 31™ installation has been installed lower than 635mm to the centre of rail then the installation must be jacked up to the correct height. CSP Pacific will not guarantee the performance of the system if installed at an incorrect height.

For more information on Nu-Guard 31™ Steel Post Guardrail System, click here >>

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