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Revised pole product range
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Late last year CSP Pacific undertook a project to review the pole division of their business; looking at what customers would want from a pole supplier both now and in the future.

The review uncovered that the majority of CSP Pacific's customers buy from a standard range, with price the number one priority followed by quality. The review also found that CSP Pacific was able to import a range of quality poles to the same standard as manufactured in New Zealand with better lead times to meet ever increasing market demands.

Therefore CSP Pacific has made the decision to transition to a business that will import and distribute a comprehensive, quality range of standard columns in New Zealand. A price competitive, quality range that meets the majority of our customer's current requirements will be held in stock.

Martin Storey, CSP Pacific's Unit Manager clarifies, "In business it pays to listen to your customers. They know what they need today and in the future. The revised standard range will meet the needs of our customers and, in turn, their customers and when you boil it all down that is the only thing that's important."

With this change comes the decision that CSP Pacific will no longer supply customised, specially designed poles and the Streetware decorative range.

This decision was made after careful consideration of the needs of customers coupled with the requirement to run a profitable business.

Information and drawings of the products CSP Pacific will no longer supply have been removed from the website. If you have any questions regarding our new pole offer please talk to your local Sales Engineer.

For more information Email: or Phone: 0800 655 200

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