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Lograil Barrier

Mixed Steel and Wood Guardrail

Lograil is an aesthetic safety barrier system developed in France and marketed by CSP Pacific in New Zealand. The patented Lograil system looks like a natural log fence when installed, making it perfect for aesthetically sensitive areas such as parks and lakes.

Both the horizontal and vertical components are a composite of steel channel and timber, taking advantage of the impact absorbing quality of the timber and the tensile strength of the steel. The fully crash tested Lograil system has been installed on roads all over the World.

Crash Test Results – European Standards EN1317 N2

Containment level Crash tests Criteria Kinetic
Test Speed of
of impact
Total weight
of vehicle
N2 TB32 110 Kph 20° 1500 kg 81.9 KJ
N2 TB11 100 Kph 20° 900 kg 40.6 KJ

Performance – Working width

Model Working width Severity class
T18 4M Post spacing 2.50m A (ASI ≤ 1.0)

Lograil offers many advantages:

Lograil is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly without compensating safety, with many applications in scenic areas throughout New Zealand and installations around the country.

It  has proven performance with installations all over the world.

Please click here for the link to Le Bois de Tertu, the French developer of the product.

Proven Performance

Developed in France over 15 years ago with installations all over the world.

Lograil Assembled  Lograil Components

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