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Fleat™ 350 Flared Terminal End

For end on impacts, the FLEAT™ 350 , is a flared energy absorbing end terminal that meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 (TL-2) and 3.
This ability to "flare" the terminal end reduces the length of rail required to provide the same protection of the hazard as compared to a tangent terminal.
The FLEAT™ 350 will cost less to supply, install and maintain.


  Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3
  Extrudes guardrail in end on impacts
  Cost effective, life saving device
  Variable offset of the Fleat™ 350
  High level of parts reusability
  All components, apart from head, may be interchanged with SKT 350™
  Length of need (LoN) starts at post 3
  Impact head easy to remove from rail after impact


NCHRP 350 TL-3 NCHRP 350 TL-2
  Speed: 100kph
  Length: 11.4 m (3 rails)
  Offset: 760mm to1220mm
  Posts: 6 Breakaway (timber or steel)
  Speed: 70kph
  Length: 7.6m (2 rails)
  Offset: 500mm to 820mm
  Posts: 5 Breakaway (timber or steel)
Common specifications Common Specifications
  Run out – 22.5m x 6m
  LoN – Post 3
  Max Grade 10:1
  Run out – 22.5m x 6m
  All steel components hot dipped galvanised

Standards and Acceptance

The NCHRP 350, test level 3, (100kph) system is 11.4 m long with an offset between 760 mm to 1220 mm and uses 6 breakaway posts that may be wood or steel.

Also available, the NCHRP 350 Test Level 2, (70kph) system is 7.6 m long with an offset between 500mm to 820mm and uses 5 breakaway posts.

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