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X-350 Terminal End - ensuring the gap between slider and angle bracket is correct
When installing the X-350 Terminal End ensure there is a 25mm gap between the angle bar and the slider. The purpose of the gap... (Published on Website: 28 August 2015)
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Lograil Barrier – it’s safe, looks good and is now more affordable
To enhance the beautiful scenery New Zealand is famous throughout the world for, CSP Pacific’s Lograil Road Safety Barrier... (Published on Website: 27 June 2015)
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Technical Talk : Compliant bridge mounted semi-rigid Road Safety Barriers
Roadside hazards, related to bridges and bridge approaches, are generally shielded by road safety barrier installations. (Published on Website: 27 June 2015)
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NEW - Biker-Mate a new addition to CSP Pacific’s product range
Biker-Mate, a post crash cushion used overseas to protect motorcyclists from dangerous post and pole type road side hazards... (Published on Website: 29 April 2015)
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Technical Talk: Road Safety Barrier Length of Need
The length of need (LoN) is a common term used in relation to road safety barriers. But what does it actually mean? (Published on Website: 29 April 2015)
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Technical Talk: Road Safety Barrier Rigid to Semi-Rigid Transitions
Road safety barrier transitions provide progressive stiffening between barrier systems of different rigidity.,, (Published on Website: 27 February 2015)
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