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Office open day a success for the Christchurch team
After the recent opening of the new premises for CSP Pacific in the South Island, the team decided it was time to hold an open ... (Published on Website: 21 November 2016)
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High-risk, rural roads get serious attention from Safe Roads and Roadsides programme
One of the NZ Transport Agency’s mandates is to offer a safer roading network for New Zealand motorists. However, with the ... (Published on Website: 31 October 2016)
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CSP Pacific Hire team goes through a reshuffle
With a staff departure from the CSP Pacific Hire team in Auckland, the business has made a few changes, including two internal... (Published on Website: 31 October 2016)
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NEW: Nu-Guard® 31 – Reduced distance from Batter Hinge Point
Most barrier systems require at least 600mm from the back of the barrier to the batter hinge point (BHP) of a slope to perform ... (Published on Website: 31 October 2016)
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Technical Talk - Wire Rope Safety Barrier Transitions
In November 2014 the New Zealand Transport Agency published Technical Memorandum TM-2013 on wire rope.. (Published on Website: 29 August 2016)
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CSP Pacific Christchurch moves to larger premises
At the beginning of August, after 20 years of cohabitating with other Fletcher Building businesses, CSP Pacific has moved to... (Published on Website: 29 August 2016)
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