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Road Barriers : Terminal Ends : X-350 Fully Re-directive Terminal End

1. Does this system meet NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 test criteria?

Yes and approved by Transit New Zealand.

2. Where does the length of need start from?

Post one.

3. What is the total length of a Terminal End?

From post number 1, it is 11.43 m long, the entire 3 lengths of rail.

4. Does this system need special guardrail?

No, 3 lengths of standard 12 gauge highway rail is used.

5. At what flare should the X-350 be installed?

The flare can be between 0-1200mm off the tangent.

6. What is the post spacing for X-350?

Posts are at 1905mm centres.

7. Is there a steel post option as well as timber?

Yes, I beam steel posts replace posts numbers 2-6


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