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Road Barriers : Temporary Barrier : Water-Wall TL-1 Plastic Water Filled Barrier

1. How many barriers can you get on a standard 6 metre truck deck?

45 barriers can stacked 5 across and 3 high.

2. How much do the barriers weigh?

36 kgs empty and 500 kgs filled with water.

3. Do they need to be full to be compliant to NCHRP350 TL1?

Yes, it takes 500 litres per barrier.

4. How long do they take to fill with water?

The advantage of the water-wall barrier is the large opening. This means water trucks can use their large diameter hoses, taking only minutes to fill each barrier section.

5. Do these barriers leak?

No, all barriers are tested prior to hire. If a leak occurs it could be due to onsite damage, by cross-threading bungs or loosely fitted bungs.


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