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Road Barriers : Crash Cushions : Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion

1. What type of equipment is needed to install the Universal TAU-II™ system? Is special equipment required?

The Universal TAU-II™ system is delivered pre-assembled for final installation. Installing at a job site requires no special equipment. Standard tools for installation would include torque wrenches, standard mechanics’ tools, and concrete drill bits with an electric or pneumatic power drill. Installation at a job site ideally is accomplished with a truck-mounted crane or forklift.

2. What type of foundation is required to install the Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion system? How many anchor points are required?

Normally a 200mm non reinforced concrete pad 28mpa is used. Universal TAU-II™ system requires only 21 anchor points into the foundation.

3. Does your company provide spare parts? What is the time frame in which the spare parts will be shipped?

Spare parts are normally available ex stock and can be shipped within 24 hours upon acceptance of an order.

4. On average, how long does it take to assemble the Universal TAU-II™ fully re-directive non-gating crash cushion system at the job site?

Depending on the application and circumstances at job site, assembly and installation will take a two-person crew less than three hours.

5. Does your company teach installers to service and repaid Universal TAU-II™?

CSP Pacific will train installers to service and repair the Universal TAU-II™ system. Universal TAU-II™ has been designed with the customer in mind. For many impacts, the Universal TAU-II™ should be easily refurbished in less than half an hour.

6. What about vandalism? Can Universal TAU-II™ cartridges be easily cut and/or damaged?

The Universal TAU-II™ system has been designed to minimise the potential for vandalism. It is made of a high molecular weight polyethylene that is designed to be highly resistant to vandalism.

7. Can Universal TAU-II™ be attached to the end of guardrail, permanent and/or portable concrete barrier?

The Universal TAU-II™ crash cushion system is designed to attach and/or transition to any type of barrier.

8. How easy is the Universal TAU-II™ system to restore after impact?

Depending on the speed and degree of impact, in most instances many components of the Universal TAU-II™ system are reusable. The impacted system can frequently be pulled back out, energy absorbing cartridges replaced, an inspection completed and the system fully restored in less than half an hour.

9. How many bays are required for a 100km/h posted speed limit on State Highway system?

Based on NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 3 is a 100 km/h. An 8 bay Universal TAU-II™ is the correct choice. However, some agencies choose to use higher capacity systems for higher speed conditions. Refer to the Universal TAU-II™ configuration chart for additional speed systems.


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