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Road Barriers : Terminal Ends : Fleat™ 350 Flared Terminal End

1. What is the post spacing for Fleat™ 350?

Posts are at 1905mm centres.

2. How many posts are breakaway CRT?

Posts numbered 1-7 are all CRT breakaway posts.

3. Does this system meet NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 test criteria?

Yes and approved by Transit New Zealand.

4. Where does the length of need start from?

Post number 3.

5. What is the total length of a TL3 system?

From post number 1. Three lengths of rail, 11.43m long.

6. Does this system need special guardrail?

Yes, 1 length of special rail is used (sequential kinking rail).

7. At what flare should the Fleat™ 350 be installed?

The flare can be, between 760mm – 1220mm off the tangent over the 11.43m.

8. Which side does the Fleat™ 350 extrude its rail out to when impacted?

The rail will extrude towards the road in both a leading and trailing end installation.

9. Would the extruded rail impose on the roadway in typical impact?

The extruded rail should splay out on the road when installed on the correct flare as described by the manufacturer.


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